Reebok ZigNano Premier ZigFly from JJB

I like the look of the Reebok ZigTech soles, here’s a nice pair of running shoes from the line.

here’s the blurb from JJB:

Reebok’s most technically advanced running and training shoes, the ZigNano Premier ZigFly look and feel like no other! Light, flexible and durable, the men’s Reebok Premier ZigFly running shoes are designed to conserve and return energy to provide a soft and springy ride.

Giving you an ‘Energy Boost’ as you run, the zig-zag shaped sole absorbs the impact of your heel strike sending a wave of energy along the shoe. This transfer of energy horizontally along the ‘zigs’ creates an ‘energy return’ to propel you forward and make running easier.

Featuring breathable SmoothFit mesh uppers and soft cushioned footbeds, the Reebok ZigFly keep you feeling light and comfortable. And with less stress on your key leg muscles – up to 20% less wear and tear on calf/thigh muscles – the Reebok ZigFly running trainers let you run faster and train longer!

  • SmoothFit synthetic support overlays
  • Breathable nylon mesh to keep your feet cool
  • StableFit heel support
  • Lightweight foam zig-zag sole reacts independently providing a smooth ride from heel to toe
  • Flexible zigs provide fluid traction and fantastic grip 
  • Stable, the softer heel slows down the rate of torque
  • Less Wear and Tear: ZigTech reduces wear and tear on key leg muscles

Get them from JJB


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