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Lily’s Custom Converse Hi Tops from

These are one of bestest friend’s custom Converse.

You can have just about any combination of colours and prints made.

Like Lily, these shoes are aces.

Get yours at Converse


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Solid (and I mean Solid) Silver Air Jordan 1 on Ebay

Here’s what I can deduce from this auction:

1: This guy wants a new Ferrari

2: this would be a VERY expensive paperweight

3: There are only 10 of these shoues in existance.

Apparently Michael Jordan’s wife had these made for MJ’s 32nd birthday. Some have surfaced over the years, but this is apparently the only one available to buy by “ordinary” people (with $100,000)

Have a look on Ebay

Thanks to Sneakernews for the tip

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Joy Division New Balance and Nike shoes by Dylan Adair

Canadian designer Dylan Adair designed a number of Joy Division themed trainers.

The Nike Blazer was  one-of-one custom shoe created for the Sneakerpimps Exhibition in Montreal in 2005.

The goal was to merge historical content, lyrics, album artwork and innovative use of materials in homage to Ian Curtis, the surviving members of the band, and the musical and design legacy of Manchester-based Factory Records.

Some features of interest include a custom wood case, laser-etched lyrics from the song “Insight”, laser-etched album cover artwork, hand-stitched embroidered panels, and custom lace locks commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ian’s death (1980-2005).

After the completion of the Nike custom, a request came in that required the same concept be applied to a New Balance 576.

The goal was to propose a limited edition collaboration shoe between New Balance, Joy Division and Run UK – a fashion and footwear retailer based in the north of England.

The shoes were to be released in a limited run concurrently with the release of Anton Corbijn’s film Control.

Two designs were proposed: one using the Unknown Pleasures cover artwork, and the other using Peter Saville’s design for the cover of Joy Division / Substance ‘87 as the starting point.

I think they’re ace, but I doubt I will ever see them in the flesh.

Find the designer’s website here

Thanks to Ginger for the suggestion.

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Nom Nom Nom Custom Shoes from Nike x Diversitile



If you wear these shoes, you may be chased down the street by a blue muppet shouting the above.

The Cookie Monster supplied the inspiration for these shoes, and his blue fur and googly eyes are evident.

the Nom Nom Noms are great.

Smashing customs, available for the blistering price of $500 at Diversitile *clicky*

Thanks to Sneakerfreaker for the tip




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My Wedding Adidas Superstar Adicolor

I had these Superstars customised for my wedding.

Both I and my Best Man wore them for the ceremony, and my wife had a pair for the evening do.

The Adicolor Superstar 2 were bought at a selection of shops (had to get all the right sizes) and the stripes were made out of sterling silver and engraved by the lovely and talented Sarah Bradley, Wife of my best man Vince. She also had them hallmarked.

Worn once, and then put in a box to retain the memories.


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