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Reebok ZigNano Premier ZigFly from JJB

I like the look of the Reebok ZigTech soles, here’s a nice pair of running shoes from the line.

here’s the blurb from JJB:

Reebok’s most technically advanced running and training shoes, the ZigNano Premier ZigFly look and feel like no other! Light, flexible and durable, the men’s Reebok Premier ZigFly running shoes are designed to conserve and return energy to provide a soft and springy ride.

Giving you an ‘Energy Boost’ as you run, the zig-zag shaped sole absorbs the impact of your heel strike sending a wave of energy along the shoe. This transfer of energy horizontally along the ‘zigs’ creates an ‘energy return’ to propel you forward and make running easier.

Featuring breathable SmoothFit mesh uppers and soft cushioned footbeds, the Reebok ZigFly keep you feeling light and comfortable. And with less stress on your key leg muscles – up to 20% less wear and tear on calf/thigh muscles – the Reebok ZigFly running trainers let you run faster and train longer!

  • SmoothFit synthetic support overlays
  • Breathable nylon mesh to keep your feet cool
  • StableFit heel support
  • Lightweight foam zig-zag sole reacts independently providing a smooth ride from heel to toe
  • Flexible zigs provide fluid traction and fantastic grip 
  • Stable, the softer heel slows down the rate of torque
  • Less Wear and Tear: ZigTech reduces wear and tear on key leg muscles

Get them from JJB


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Reebok EasyTone Freestyle at Luisaviaroma


Limited to only 100 pairs worldwide, these Reebok EasyTones are eyecatching to say the least.

Created in collaboration with the iconic Florentine store and previewed during Pitti Immagine Uomo 80,

Reebok’s EasyTone freestyle combines high tech and glamorous sportswear for women keen to keep in shape all whilst remaining stylish.

In white leather with coloured details and logoed print on the toe and tongue, the EasyTone Freestyle HI made exclusively for luisaviaroma is personalised with colours taken from the work of Swiss/ New York multimedia artist Ugo Rondinone, who is a particular favourite of Andrea Panconesi, owner of the Florentine store.

If they’re your bag, you can pre-order them from Luisaviaroma at the eyewatering price of £178.50

Delivery is free though.

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Reebok Kamikaze III Mid “Swizz Beats”


I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming more jealous of the releases that are Japan only.

These shoes are from Reebok and have a hexalite sole and really lovely styling.

I have no idea about Swizz Beats, but if he’s making more of these, can he please sell them in the UK.

Here’s what had to say:

“Music Producer “SWIZZ BEATZ (Swizz Beatz)” Collaboration model with “KAMIKAZE III MID (mid Kamikaze 3)” is expanded only in stores worldwide, “Japan” in the “mita sneakers (Mita Sneakers)” with only guerrilla release.
“New York” born “SWIZZ BEATZ” is “DMX (DM X)” appeared on the scene as the truck maker and the dashing. Sampling and build up a new song by the mainstream until then rearrange the song was different, such as Triton, bold sound of a synthesizer used to produce the track incorporates a unique sense, since the late 1990s early 2000s established a trend of up to producer.
The early 90 “NBA (National Basketball Association)” in “SEATLE SUPER SONICS (Seattle Supersonics),” working in “Rain Man” made ​​popular by the nickname of “SHAWAN KEMP (Shawn Kemp)” Art was wearing “KAMIKAZE ( kamikaze) “Rivi John inherited the philosophy of the model. “KAMIKAZE” distinguishing “upper” while inheriting a design “Saul” is using a special material developed for the aerospace industry at the time had adopted the latest technology for shock absorption, six to spread the cushion to absorb the impact of 5mm thick honeycomb formed by the combination of a triangle “HEXALITE (Hex Light)” has been achieved at a high level of outstanding traction on it with. Also “SWIZZ BEATZ” the “RICK ROSS (Rick)” “MEEK MILL (Mikumiru)” song with the “Reebok Back (Reebok Back)” produced, such as wearing a model release before I worked more confident in promotional video attention from “America” ​​during the release of all sold out in 10 minutes in all colors exploded. Reebok KAMIKAZE III MID “SWIZZ BEATZ” “World’s only restaurant” Zipper & Material Glamb-  BLK / GRY / YEL mita sneakers retail July 08 2011 ¥ 13,650″

Coming soon from Mita sneakers

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Reebok Ex-O-Fit Plus from JD Sports

A proper classic this, but not a Reebok Classic, because that would be a different shoe altogether.

One for the aerobic generation, the ex-o-fit was launched onto the market in the mid eighties.

Seen in gyms and school playgrounds across the world, the Ex-O-Fit was a first for the trainer market.

Now seen as more of a pub shoe, the EX-O-Fit is one for the lounge rather than the gym.

Only available in white and with a leather upper.

Get them from JD Sports

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The Sneaker Freaker Online Museum

Looking for those shoes you had in 1990? Chances are, there’s a picture of them in here.

And good god, I wore some ugly trainers.

Seek and ye shall find here:

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Reebok Pump Fury Superlite from Crooked Tongues

Continuing the Reebok Pump line, the Fury Superlite is just plain gorgeous.

Taking its cues from 1994’s iconic, laceless Pump Fury model, the Reebok Pump Fury Superlite implements some contemporary materials and innovations to the original brief.

The extra flex in the sole, perforated upper and even more stripped-down shape takes the Fury concept into 2011 in considerable style.

Get it from Crooked Tongues *clicky*

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Reebok GL6000 from Crooked Tongues

I wanted these shoes so badly when I was a teenager, I remember having some blue and yellow Reebok running shoes, but my games teacher had these.

Back again from 1986, the GL 6000 is a near-perfect running shoe, an unlikely but welcome bring back from the archives and a very solid retro too.

Down to the colours, shape and woven label branding, for their advancing years, they feel remarkably fresh next to the current glut of fussy footwear.

Available from Crooked Tongues *clicky*

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